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Durch die Renovierung des Straßenbahn Triebwagens 29 (TW29) und des Straßenbahn Beiwagens Nr.40 (BW40) haben sich die Mitglieder des Vereins mit der Geschichte und Historie der Reutlinger Straßenbahn beschäftigt.Übernahme des kompletten Straßenbahnnetzes durch die Stadt Reutlingen.He had already observedin The Crisis of Faith, written at the end of the Second World War, and in Spiritual Problems of Contemporary Literature, written in the early fiftiesthat the literature of the period had as its central modality that of irony, and that this was affecting the peoples spirituality and its psychology.But it was while we were still at Drew, in 1962, that Hopper wrote an important essay for Cross Currents entitled, "Ironythe Pathos of the Middle." The argument was straightforward.(The people say to the shoe salesman: "Haven't you got anything a little more, like, ironic?

The irony of modernity and postmodernity began with Darwin arguing for a biological ordering based on random selection; Marx arguing for a political justice and communal stability based on revolution; Nietzsche supposing that there is a metaphysical grounding in the death of God; and Freud and Jung arguing that the logic of the selfs life is based on what is unconscious, i.e., on what is unknown and unknowable.A further mid-course correction in ironys historical trajectory came with the notion of dramatic irony.The dramatic irony of modernism (Pirandellos theater is a good example) first deprived the characters on the stage, and then the audience too, of the meaning of what was really going on in the plot.There have been others mapping the twists and turns of irony since New Criticism: Wayne Booth, for whom stable irony, intended by the artist represents critical intelligence; Paul De Man, for whom irony is allegory, and it is the figure that is about itself; Mikhail Bakhtin says irony is heteroglossia, the double-voiced word, polyglossia; Georg Lukács says it results from self-knowledge and the self-cancellation of subjectivity (die Selbstaufhebung der Subjektivität) (186).This is what I would call the self-transformation of ego's perspectives dialectically.

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Another turn came with Romantic Irony Solger, Schlegel, Hegel, and Kierkegaard for whom irony is "infinite negativity" or "absolute negativity" in Hegel here negativity is not a negative thing, but is more like the dénégation of Freud and the French critical theorists irony is now not only not a vice for Schlegel, without irony there is no art because art, as Hegel put it in the Aesthetic Lectures, is a transformation of empirical appearance into reality, i.e., it is a lifting up or a drawing out and off (Aufhebung) by cancelling ego's personalistic image of what seems to be.

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