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Spreading rumours, “sexting” without mutual consent, cyber bullying with the motif of sex, sending damaging messages, photos or videos, and impersonation can fall under the realm of cybersexual harrasssment.

In short, any behaviour that aims at damaging a person’s reputation, feelings, self-esteem and mental health is sexual assault.

But soon afterward, he got a call from the woman, demanding he cough up 0 or she would post his shameful Skype video to You Tube and Facebook.

Feeling helpless, he wired her the money through Western Union, the sources said. The woman called back later and demanded another 0, the sources said.

More serious is the increasing prevalence of group harassment or cyber-mobbing, where two or more people jointly taunt an individual. Gender harassment involves insulting and unpleasant remarks made to an individual, which is based on gender.

But such sporadic acts and laws are woefully insufficient given the growing prevalence of cyber sexual assault. It is very important for all of us, irrespective of gender, age and nationality, to be aware of the pitfalls of the digital era, and be extra cautious, as we would be in a strange neighbourhood.

Afterall, there is nothing stranger than the online neighbourhood in the digital world.

Now is as good a time as any to understand sexual assault in the realm of digital life.

The US Department of Justice defines sexual violence, as “any unwanted sexual act, or attempt to obtain a sexual act, through coercion, unwanted sexual advances, and sexual traffic or attempt at sexual trafficking”.

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Most of my professional experience involving sexual predation involves undercover stings where some pervert starts up a conversation with a willing "teenager" who turns out to be an undercover cop or agent.

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