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It’d be cool to one day tell my kids I started dating their dad in high school.A good part about being in a high school relationship is that it could last for a lifetime.

When two people are together in high school, they start to realize they no longer have the dreaded feeling of being alone.I don’t regret waiting until I was a junior to be in a relationship, and I also do not regret having a boyfriend in high school.Even though there are more struggles that come with being in a relationship than what I have mentioned, getting through those struggles is what makes the relationship stronger.Since I had a boyfriend, it was assumed I was always with him, so I no longer was invited to hang out with “the girls.” Yes, I do love hanging out with my boyfriend, but we are together for such an exceeding amount of time that I don't have time for my other friends.It became so bad that if my boyfriend wasn’t at school, I’d be eating lunch alone and would feel awkward even talking to the girls I used to be so close with.

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